Sunday, April 26, 2009


Sorry this is SO late!

Ben's first Easter egg hunt.

Riding a pony at the church Easter Festival.

Ben LOVED the pony.

Our second Easter egg hunt with Mom's Club.

We had a very busy Easter season at our house. Ben had three easter baskets, two egg hunts, and rode a pony for the first time.

The week started with going to the church's Easter Festival. They had a petting zoo, inflatables, and pony rides!! Ben had a blast. We ended the day with his first Easter egg hunt. He did really well. He grabbed the first few eggs and put them in his basket. After that, he would pick up the eggs shake them and throw them down again.

On Easter we had brunch at my parents house with some family friends. My parents got Ben the pony you see in the pictures. He LOVED it!! He kept dragging it around the house with him.

The last thing we did was have a Spring Party with the Mom's Club. Ben wasn't really as interested in finding the eggs this time. He was much more entertained by finding big sticks. Boys!!