Friday, May 22, 2009

Our Trip not Vacation

We went to Okaloosa Island this past week for our yearly family vacation. My parents joined us for part of the time. Apparently Ben decided that he didn't want to go away that week and made his feelings know. I've mentioned before that Ben has some sleep issues but he had resolved almost a year ago. Well they surfaced the first night we were there and continued every night after. He threw up everyday either before nap, bedtime, or both. It is SO NOT FUN to clean up on vacation.

The second day we were there Ben ran into the corner of a piece of furniture. Blood was everywhere. I thought that he was going to need stitches but he was fine, thankfully.

The rest of the week Ben decide that the max allotted time on the beach/pool was 30 minutes. This kind of threw a wrench into the whole laying on the beach doing nothing plan. My husband was great about this, plus Ben was completely attached to him the whole week. I was able to have some quiet time on the beach. We were lucky because we ended up having some fun and had beautiful weather everyday.


Brittany and Charlie said...

Very cute family! Thanks for the comment. I got my lettering from uppercase living. They have a website. I love there stuff!