Monday, June 16, 2008

Sleep Training...not fun

We have started a new plan getting Ben to go to sleep on his own. He has had issues from the beginning being preemie with reflux. He has learned to fall asleep on us because he used to need to be upright for 45 minutes after his bottle. This has lead to him not being able to fall asleep independently. So we have tried CIO and he throws up with in about 5 minutes with his easy gag reflex. Tonight we tried "the sleep shuffle." It involves sitting right next to the crib until they fall asleep then moving the chair each night a little bit further away until you are out of the room. I had high hopes that this would work for Ben. So we went through our normal night time routine. Then I gently place him in the crib. He immediately is up and walking around the crib. I sit down and say "shh, night night time" then he starts crying and 3 minutes in and he throws up everywhere!!! I mean everywhere...the kid must have at least 6 foot range on him. I think that tonight was one of his messiest yet. No fun cleaning it up but I have come to learn how to do it quickly and efficiently. Let's hope that tomorrow night goes better.