Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hhh... hello

Halloween - It's one of my favorite holidays. As soon as I can I get all my decorations up. I've already bought Ben's costume for this year at a consignment sale but I'm not sure it will still fit my the end of October (he's growing so much!) Oh well....he can play dress up in it!

Hugs - Giving and getting hugs just makes me feel better. I especially like getting hugs from Ben.

Haircuts - I love getting my hair done. My favorite part is getting my hair washed. I could sit in the chair for hours if they kept rubbing my head!! Afterwards I was feel I need to go someplace special to show off my pretty shiny hair!

Hawaii - I've only been there once when I was in middle school but it was the best vacation we ever took. The weather was gorgeous and the water was crystal clear. We did lots of touristy things while we were there like see Don Ho sing, visit a pineapple farm, and watch a surfing contest on the North Shore. I can't wait to go back one day.