Saturday, June 28, 2008

Update on Sleep Training

Let me start off with..."Is it sad that it's Saturday night and I'm blogging?"

Anyways....Well tonight was a good night. Only 15 minutes from the time I put him in the crib until I left the room. Last night would have been great but there was a thunder storm. We have had a few really bad nights along the way but I hope it will fade away. The next thing that I want to work on are his naps. He is fazing out his morning nap which is fine but is struggling with sleeping long enough in the afternoon on his own. Any suggestions would be great on how to get him to go to sleep on his own!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey...I am blogging on Saturday night as well. I will be uncool with you. At least I have a Blizzard coming via the husband soon!

Glad to know that the night portion is getting better. Naps have never been an issue for us. In fact getting the kids to sleep at any time has not been an issue. It's keeping them asleep through the night. There was a stretch that got really bad there for a while with our older son. I think they eventually grow out of it and once they are used to the routine, it gets better. Just keep doing what you do at night when you put him down for a nap. That way he knows what to expect. Hope that helps!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Yes. It's Saturday night.


No tips for you. Although tonight we had a little road trip & the girls got to bed almost 2 hours late--no fussing to be heard! But if anyone thinks I'm instituting a 9pm bedtime, she's crazy!

Glad he's doing better!